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Novacold Industrial Cooling Systems

Industrial cooling system and cold storage rooms have a important place in its sector in functioning so that the stored products are preserved for the longest duration without effecting the natural form of the product. Animal products, agricultural products, fresh fruits and vegetables, water products, bakery products which have early deterioration risk must be kept in very cold environments from the initial production to the final storage and consume.

With this delicacy, it is under our main duty to make sure all storage and analysis conditions is up to date with all the products you wish to store and are correctly maintained and followed up by us.

 With our NOVACOLD brand, cold storage rooms, meat intergration facilities, fresh fruit and vegatable depos, shock rooms, citrus depos, bakery and dairy products depots, restaurants, production centers, hotels, markets and all other relevant sectore needs within cold storage rooms are supplied by us from the smallest m² to the biggest m², we are here to serve and supply your needs.

‘To develop, adjust to new technology, and supply the investor correct products are our main aims.’