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Cold Room Doors

Cold room doors are manufactured by injecting polyurethane having 42kg/m³ density and then pressed. The iron surface is made using the standard RALL 9002 coloured iron; on the consumer’s demand, nonrusting material or PVC is used.
It is widly used in cold, frozen or shock rooms. The thickness of the doors vary according to the kind of the cold room and is also in the same ratio according to the panel thickness. The cold room doors can be locked from the outside, as well as having an emergency exit handle from the inside.
In general the hinged doors have the following qualities:
• 42 kg/m³ density
• The standard surface colour is RALL 9002
• Does not rust and is manufactured on PVC
• The door thickness in cold rooms are 80mm, the door thickness in frozen or shock rooms are 120mm
• The length and width of the doors vary but the standard hinged door measurements are 900mm x 1900mm.
• It is manufactured with resistance to frozen rooms and shock rooms.
• The choice of threshold and non threshold is available.
• Can be locked from outside, and also has an opening leaver inside. Also it has a fluorescent handle to be seen easily in an emergency situation.