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Isometric Sliding Cold Room Doors

Sliding doors are widely used in Industrial Facilities such as cold air warehouses , meat entegration rooms, citrus fruits storages. They provide conveniences in places where loading and unloading are performed with forklifts and transpalates. Time saving and heat keeping levels at its best. The above mechanism helps the door to be easily opened and closed.
2 handles are placed inside and outside for an easer access. It is capable of being locked. It is manufactured by injecting polyurethane  having 42kg/m3 density and and pressing. The base iron plate standardly have RALL 9002 colour, however Anti rust (CrNi) or PVC can be used depending on request. Dimensions of sliding doors show a change. The sliding door hight ranges from 170cm to 350cm2 and the wıdth ranges from 90cm to 300 cm. The thickness of the doors vary according to the cold room type to be used, and it is directly proportionate to thickness of the panel.
Resistance is used in frozen and shock rooms.
• 42kg/m2 density
• Standard base colour RALL 9002
• Anti rust and PVC surfaces can be manufactured
• Widths of cold room doors are 80mm, widths of frozen and shock room doors are 120mm
• Width and length can vary
• Frozen rooms and shock rooms are made with resistance
• Can be locked from outside and has a handle to be opened from inside