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Double Regiment Appliances

Double regiment appliances are preferable for conservation of products having different capacities instead of using a single cast product in cold storage rooms. If you need a cooling regiment or a freezing regiment, these appliances are a very ideal solution. Example – The first load on your store room can be set to -18°C and then you can make this a +4 regiment for your second load. Instead of having two different store rooms, you can fullfill your regiment needs according to the requirements of your changing product range.
• -25°C / +5°C working range
• Control from one specific location
• +50°C outer condensation capasity
• Easy clean air cooled condenser unit
• Outer unit and air cooled condenser unit can be manufactured independantly
• Galvanized individualy sectioned steel servise plates
• Monitoring screen, low and high pressure cooling systems
• Drainage system
• Easy fit wall and ceiling mount
• ISO 9001, CE, TSEK, GOST documented