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Cold Room Panels

Cold room panels are isolation systems which help cooling appliances work more efficiently. It consists of polyurethane injected between two 0.50 mm iron plates with a density of 40-42. Locked or no lock selections available. No matter how much it shows the structure as a whole, cold air warehouse panels has an isolation feature which reflects on the outcome of the work and gives its fruits.
Even though the cooling appliances are selected in their largest capasity, there will always be energy loss as long as the isolation of parts are not performed appropriately. In the infiltration of the product, the selected panels have a moduler feature
If the company moves, needs more capasity or re alocates, the parts are designed to de mount and re assemble at the new location. In comparison with the cool regiment to the frozen regiment, the panels are isolated in a different way, and they are a very desirable solution to the isolational parts of the equipment .
Anti rust, PVC, POLY POLY, caverned product range…. The floor panels can also be manufactured in 3 different ways