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Process Cooling Device

Process cooling appliances, otherwise known as area cooling appliances, are used to keep high quality products in legislative requirements. Ceiling type evaporators help to prevent bacteria in the product also helping the personel to stop inhaling fumes which may affect them due to the airflow. It has a cabin type outer unit feature. The condensor selection is suitable for tropical climates. The cabin being painted with electrostatic paint prevents it being affected by the unfavorable weather conditions. It works at a low sound rate. The mechanical parts and the moving parts are designed in separate sections. This helps the appliance work more easily and provide more efficient service.

• +50C outdoor environment condensation capasity
• Easy clean condenser
• Special process evaporator
• Outer unit and condensation unit can be manufactured independantly
• Galvanised steel body, individually sectioned servicing caps
• Monitoring screen, high and low pressure systems
• Drainage system
• Easy wall and ceiling mount
• ISO 9001, CE, TSEK, GOST documentated