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Inverter Industrial Cooling Systems

These are the units having the same cabin structure as standard cold room appliances but different working principle.  Motors of standard cold air room appliances work with straight rise method and makes it come face to face with the ramp up flow.
Inverter cooling appliances, with the help of the electronic drive and soft take off aid, it disfunctions the ramp up flow, this helps the electrical costs to be lowered by 35-40%. Accordingly, except motor feature, there is a fan system which also helps to reduce the electric usage.
Inverter cooling appliances, especially in cold storage rooms where the entity traffic is intensive, help to recover the investment cost.
• 35-40% Energy save, Inverter aided
• +50C Outer condensation capasity
• Easy clean condenser
• Outer units and condensation units can be manufactured independantly
• Galvanized Steel body, individual service caps/sections
• Monitoring screen, low and high pressure systems
• Drainage system
• Easy wall and ceiling mount
• ISO 9001, CE, TSEK, GOST documented